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This is a website about wild boars. If you are interested in wild boar cooking, hunting, meat or just looking for samo general information about this animal you are at the right place.
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Wild Boars

little wild boarsWild boar is ancestor of the domestic pig, has a heavy body covered with dense, bristly hair, thin legs and a long snout. The male animal has prominent tusks derived from the canine teeth. Wild boars live alone or in small groups of up to 20, with males separate from, but remaining close to, the females. Find out more about wild boar!

Wild Boar Hunting

hunting bowWild boar hunting is one of most exciting hunts, as wild boar is one of the smartest animals on the planet. Although boars do not possess great eyesight, they have a keen sense of smell and very fiery attitude. In fact, they have a reputation for wanting to hunt you as much as you want to hunt them. Looking for wild boar hunt?

Wild Boar Cooking

cookingWild boar is lean meat that should, as a rule, be cooked at lower temperatures than other meats. Avoid overcooking. Wild boar, raised like beef, is range fed and therefore can be served on the rare side. A rule of thumb for cooking wild boar is “low and slow”. Find more cooking tips and boar recipes.

Wild Boar Meat

meatThe texture and flavor of wild boar meat is much like that of pork, except there is little fat. The meat has a gamey taste because of the animal’s diet. Like pork, wild boar must be cooked to well done(185 degrees F.) or frozen 3-4 weeks before cooking. Boar is cleaned, dressed, and cooked in the same way as pork. Very young animals are barbecued whole. More about wild boar meat.