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Wild Boar Meat

Wild Boar Meat

Some may remember reading the popular Asterix comic books and watching with envy as Obelix devours 10 wild boars at one sitting. Wild boar is a favorite meal for large gatherings and it is also a versatile meat. Many high class restaurants serve wild boar which is considered as a fine dining experience.

Generally, wild boar should be cooked at a lower temperature than other meats. Wild boar meat has less fat content than domestic or production pork and the meat will be darker and if not prepared properly. Wild boar meat can come out dryer than store bought pork. An ideal temperature for cooking roasts would be between 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit but the time can vary depending on how cooked you prefer your meat. Wild boar which is range fed can be served rare. There are several recipes for wild boar meat but there are also some guidelines to remember when preparing the meat.

One should avoid thawing or cooking wild boar meat in a microwave as this may result in making it tough, dry and leathery. Instead, experts advise thawing the wild boar meat slowly a day before you intend to cook the wild boar meat and marinating it overnight. One can use pineapple juice or wine for the marinade as these contain enzymes that help break down the muscle fiber and tenderize the meat. Even as it contains less fat than domestic pork, wild boar also has different fat. The fat of wild pork is known as “soft fat” while production pork is known to have “hard fat”. Some cooks find “soft fat” undesirable but although the fat layer of the wild boar meat can be trimmed, some chefs prefer to retain it as they believe that the fat helps keep the boar succulent.

One of the most popular ways to prepare wild boar is by smoking the meat. This usually consists of preparing seasonings of your preference such as lemons, onions, peppers, potatoes and the like. The wild boar meat is then completely wrapped in order to lock in vapors and to prevent the drippings from escaping. Then the boar is slowly smoked or baked between 275 to 300 degrees. The amount of time to smoke the boar will depend on its size but be sure to rotate the boar constantly so that it is evenly cooked. Whole hogs usually take overnight or an entire day to be properly cooked while quarters can be ready in five to six hours.

If the boar was not killed cleanly, this can result in a strong taste. If you have hunted the wild boar yourself, one technique to tenderize the meat and remove the blood is through a soaking method. First, the boar should be skined and deboned or quartered. The meat is then placed in a large ice chest with a special mixture that is easy to prepare. Simply combine ice water with about one half to one cup of vinegar and about 18 to 20 ounces of lemon juice. Then soak large sections of the meat in the mixture for two to three days. The water should be changed as needed but the water should always be kept ice cold and should cover all the meat. The boar meat should be soaked until the meat turns white. If the meat however darkens or turns blue, this indicates that you may have added too much vinegar in your mixture. Don’t panic as this does not mean that the meat is spoiled. Just change the ice water and lessen the vinegar or remove it all together.

Once you know the basics of preparing wild boar, there are a number of recipes you can experiment with to enjoy the wild boar’s distinctive succulent flavor.

Wild boar meat has a sweet, nutty, and intense flavor. Wild boar meat is leaner and deeper red than pork. Meat of the young boar is very tender. Wild boar may be prepared like pork.

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